Our School

Willowdene Nursery School was established in October 1990 with the vision to create an educational establishment in a family atmosphere.
We strive to create a welcoming and nurturing environment that respects and celebrates everyone's unique identity. Where children feel safe and happy exploring and gaining independence. We challenge children to think, question and create. Our school provides a positive, inspiring and healthy attitude towards learning.


Our staff are committed to planning and providing a wide range of activities and opportunities that challenge, extend and encourage.
Willowdene Nursery School implements the principles of the 'Early Years Foundation Stage'. Supporting children's learning and development through the three primary and four specific areas of learning by observing and assessing individual needs. We promote a positive disposition towards challenge, change and self directed learning.


Willowdene encourages a mutual concern and respect for each other, appreciating oneself as an individual within the community we live, and the wider world around us.
To secure a positive and supportive relationship with parents working together for the benefit and development of the child. We encourage behaviour that promotes effective learning and wellbeing within the nursery, embracing a positive emphasis on praise and encouragement.

School structure

Willows is situated in the west wing of the nursery and is home to our children under two. Consisting of two playrooms a separate sleep room a small kitchen and their own garden.

Playroom 1 is for children under a year old and those who are not yet mobile. Playroom 2 is for children who are mobile and rising two. Each room is thoughtfully divided into areas for messy, creative play and a carpeted area for quieter activities. The rooms are separated by a short corridor and a room for peaceful uninterrupted sleep.

The dedicated staff within within Willows, work closely together, creating a warm, calming and caring atmosphere, where babies can explore and gain confidence.

Our two to three year old group is situated above the main hall. There is a large playroom which is divided into areas for a wide range of activities.

The children in this group have their own sleep room. This allows those still taking naps during the day to continue their routine uninterrupted. The Willowdene library is also located on this floor where all children encouraged to handle and enjoy a wide range of books and story times. Our two to three year olds also enjoy our well equipped art room, our stimulating outdoor area and the main hall for music and dance.

Our children over three or ‘biggies’ as they like to be called are based in the main hall. The children can choose from a wide and varied range of activities inside, and out! They enjoy a part free-flow, part structured, adult lead day.

The main room is partitioned by moveable equipment trollies. allowing the creation of seperate activity areas or a large space for music, dance or sports games. The children also enjoy full use of the large well equipped art and messy room which is in constant use especially in the run up to the Summer Show, where the children will be busy creating their own props.