About Willowdene Nursery

“Knowledge is power” said Hobbs but “imagination is more powerful even than knowledge” said Einstein.

Willowdene is committed to helping children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically at their own rate and in their own way. Children learn through being active and interactive and Willowdene offers a wide range of learning experiences based on many hands-on activities, all designed to help each individual child with their ‘work and play’. Children will have the opportunity to construct knowledge and apply that knowledge through meaningful activities that challenge and extend. We strive to educate children in a creative, exciting, supportive and nurturing atmosphere, where the teacher’s enthusiasm and commitment will encourage the children’s self esteem and confidence. Willowdene provides children with an educational environment, which is changing, exciting and enabling.  It has a structured, friendly open classroom environment, which encourages children to become self-directed learners with a close team of staff that continue to facilitate meaningful learning.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. It overcomes discouragement and gets things done. It is the magic quality, and the remarkable thing is…it’s contagious!”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

– Singing in the rain!


Key Facilities

At Willowdene we view the outdoor and indoor areas as one learning environment.

Our garden has a wide variety of outdoor resources and surfaces on which the children play. We ensure all children have plenty of opportunity to play outdoors everyday both morning and afternoon. Children’s outdoor play and interests are mirrored and compliment our indoor provision.

Willowdene’s library is organised for the use of children and staff.

All can access the large collection of not only story and reference books but also literacy materials such as puppets, flash cards and listening tapes. All of which promote children’s fundamental skill for literacy development. Children can spend quiet, uninterrupted time in the library and small-group, adult lead activities. Willowdene places much importance on the use of books and encourages children to access them at every opportunity to support their learning. Each room has a collection of books and story aids, set in a comfortable area, for the children to independently access and enjoy.

Willowdene’s art room is the hub of the building and in constant use.

Creative and imaginative play is one of the most natural and calming ways for a child to learn. Children gradually gain more confident accessing and learning how to use a variety of materials, mediums and tools. Children very quickly become responsible for their creations and proud of their achievements. The art room engages children in a kinaesthetic manner which encourages them to use their entire bodies, small and large motor skills and express their minds verbally, creatively and imaginatively.

Our Kitchen

The children at Willowdene enjoy a balanced hot meal every day, prepared in our Nursery Kitchen. As you would expect our kitchen was recently awarded 5/5 for environmental health inspection. We offer a well balanced diet of fresh home cooked food and encourage children to try a variety of new and exciting flavours. Our children always enjoy growing food from seed and helping to prepare meals from scratch. The children particularly enjoyed a recent project, tasting a range of foods from around the world. See our gallery for photos!

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